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Weddings and Honeymoons

Trust the most important day of your life to an expert!

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Proudly partnered with Classic Vacations to bring you the best in international travel!  Just click the logo to the right, and start planning your trip today!

Our valuable insider tips can help make your wedding and honeymoon more exciting than you ever dreamed it could be.


Planning a destination wedding, can be a daunting task when you're not in a position to check out the facilities and arrangements in person. Connecting you to the best event-planning professionals who have consistently impressed us is our goal. The companies we refer you to are all respected and established at your destination!


I am personally familiar with all of the most popular locations and sites chosen for weddings, and can help with suggestions for the perfect spot for your ceremony. 

DreamCatcher offers a travel registry to help with the expense of your wedding and honeymoon; similar to other wedding registry services. 

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